Upravit stránku

Technical parameters :

output10 - 20 t/hod
max. bucket width1900 mm     
screening area2 m2
input400 V, 0,5 kW 
weight500 kg
width2100 mm
length1300 mm
height1970 mm


Why to choose this screener?

Simple robust construction, easy manipulation and transport, minimal service requirements, low work cost, high output, simply changeable screening nets, those are all main advantages of our screeners. Expenses spent in storage of the construction materials are constantly growing and they are expected to grow steadily further. With CZ SCREEN screeners you can save already today on those expenses and decrease them by tens of percentages immediately. That way you will gain a lead against your competition. Our unique concept and unmatched quality of production will guarantee you quite fast return on your investment.

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